Deal with the croc

December 9, 2008 at 10:15 am (Shipping) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

A shipping company went into straits. The crocodiles running the company went berserk. They sought the help of cousin alligators. I met the cousins through a partner who promised to give them at least 7 billion pesos for their dilapidated offices, killer sinking ships, warehouse in Binondo and junk in Cebu. (Today that derelict shipping agency with hundreds of cases behind it changed its name and is going to enter into the business of power generation.)

The boy-man who introduced the alligators to my friend and his close associates, were happy counting their commissions before the deal broke through. When all was in place, the crocodiles, alligators, boy-man and all the hangers-on and groupies came up with a plan. They will “take care” of my friend. Suddenly, one of their factotums, the lead man in an investigating agency of government sent men to invite my friend to their office. Upon reaching their office, my friend was placed under arrest, charged with innumerable unheard of crimes and made to pay a huge sum of money.

My friend walked, but not after shelling so much money and sinking his own company. He is now my partner and nothing like that will ever happen to him again, I promise. The investigating agency boss, sorry to say, will go down the drain, after what he’s done. The crocodiles and alligators will sink in their own shit. And that too, is a promise. Someday, someday, heaven always deals its own kind of justice, the law of karma will take its toll.


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