Lions’ Roar

Everything is wrong with the MILF occupation of the areas in North Cotabato. The Aleosan area, the Liguasan Marsh, among many other places in Maguindanaoland are all MILF ancestral domains.

After MILF occupied these territories, now it has supposedly courted war with the Republic of the Philippines’ Armed Forces. The supposed question is the “legitimate residents’ behest for MILF to leave the area” and the government had to issue an ultimatum to MILF to scram. Does anyone bother to think that possibly, government might not actually be on side of the right here? That government should be very careful and should seriously mull over its target of re-acquiring those territories?

At the other side of the coin, whether the politicians who want Gloria out of the Office of the President actually know that government is possibly stepping upon a trap, their foremost agenda is still — to take full advantage of the terrible mess in Mindanao situation and maybe even court the MILF to end the rule of incumbent administration. Renato De Villa, who is now in the destabilization forces’ side, so-so, was the leader of the team that negotiated with MILF prior to the culmination of the EDSA II Revolt. De Villa was able to draw MILF into the side of the EDSA II Forces. So much so that Estrada was successfully booted out of power.

Perhaps the reason why possible emissaries of the destabilization camp will intensely deal with Piñol and MILF is precisely to draw the MILF into the EDSA III or EDSA IV or EDSA V Forces. Whatever.

But MILF as a whole agreeing to become buddies with the politicians fighting Gloria? That will be the day! It won’t goddamned happen whether Piñol will and some MILF traitors will accept loads and loads of money as a pre-requisite to any agreement.

The deposed president Erap, if you ask him or his closes advisers may or may not entirely agree with a deal with MILF even were it possible that he will just give a green light to have them in his and the destabilization groups’ side. And pay the foolish MIs a great deal of money. Deep inside him, he would still be seething with hate against his imagined movie contrabidas, the Moros. And him, loving hisself, the bida.

MILF we solemnly presume, may have wanted to occupy some areas in Cotabato, because these are heritage and sacred, hallowed sites to the Muslims. These sites, they consider to have been most sacrilegiously and blasphemously and illegally and without remorse nor decent thought, taken away by ordered soldiers under the command of top man Erap, during the height of his stupidity in Malacañang.

We can safely say that the present war raging between MILF and government is neither due to a sudden explosion of a Christian – Muslim War nor the coming to surface of anti-Gloria feelings among the MILF and their armed forces, the BIAF. Even considering that Commander UMBRAHATO of BIAF 105th Base Command, is considered, daw, a renegade commander, that is a preposterous idea.

MILF has had elements who are extremists but that have merely been a little bit successfully reined in by higher command in making impetuous and rash acts that would provoke government to strike in full force. Most of these radical MILF elements, are followers of the late Chairman, Salamat Hashim who was a true radical at heart. He espoused mobile guerilla warfare, mobile formations and his perennial rival in this cause was supposedly his own nephew, Al Hajj Murad who did not believe in running around and even was said to have made a modus vivendi with government to engage them only in conventional fighting. In their situation, of course, Salamat was right. But Murad won the game since government left the MILF rather at peace after the modus vivendi was struck.

But Erap took away the Murad fixed bases! Now it could be said that a major motivation of MILF radicals going to war is retaking territory that was rightfully theirs, but overran by Erap. Erap is possibly the real reason behind the bloodshed and the killings going on right now in Mindanao. But who is he to know it?

The areas taken over the Philippine military are considered to be most sacred and most important to MILF, to the Maguindanao Sultanate and the entire Maguindanao Tribes. That is why Erap is a pet peeve and hate object of the MILF. Certainly, some MILF admire Fernando Poe, but their hatred for Erap is so deep-seated that it will be a miracle if the entire MILF Command leadership will agree to an embracing – kissing – photo session with Erap without killing him.

It can also be said that the hatred for Erap drove radical Hashim Salamat, to write to the US President some time back to ask for help in establishing a peaceful Mindanao. It could be safely said that he must have wished that what was holy, sacred and valuable to the Royal Maguindanao Sultanate and People, be returned to the Maguindanaos.

The US President in a show of magnanimity and great humanity immediately worked on Salamat’s request. The US has been involed in the GRP-MILF peace process for about four or more years now. But this has been kept from the public. Obviously. Look at what the stupid fools have done now to all that precious effort by RP, MILF, US, OIC and many other countries? Shit! Congressman Raschid Lucman, Ambassador Alonto, the old men of the Abbas clan, the other luminaries of the Muslim community in RP that have since passed away, might be turning in their graves now!

It may be true then that the radical MILF guerillas actions are not directed against anyone nor any group except Erap — the very idiotic, maniacal One behind the takeover of sacred and extremely valuable grounds of Maguindanaos and anyone else who is sacrilegiously and blasphemously besmirching these hallowed sites.

Look at Pikit, look at Camp Rajjamuda — these are very important heritage sites and religious symbols, icons that are wholly priceless in the eyes of MILF elements and leaders. Even Maranaos and other tribals in MILF, MNLF, Abu Sayyaf may also hold respect for these sacred grounds. These and other areas were overran under Erap, in an all-out war that had no basis nor positive motivation. It seemed like whole world fell for these Muslims. But of course, Erap nor his former officials and even possibly this present government does not really have an inkling about what this is all about? Very sorry, very sorry, really very sorry lot, these people.

In comparison, Pres. Fidel V. RAMOS let Muslims have their heritage sites freely. He even let them have full liberty of doing as they wished with their important ancestral and heritage sites. FVR even went into reconciliation with MILF and gave them full access to the income of the toll stations in the Cotabato area amounting to about Seventy Million Pesos (P70-M) every year. Even if some quarters claim that FVR kept pestering the MILF of recovered precious metals in the MILF’s safekeeping, there is no doubt that FVR appeased the need of the MILF for recognition and much-needed resources.

Probably also recognizing blood relations between Maguindanaos and Indonesians, Tausugs et al, with the Malaysians and the interlinked, interwoven Royal Families of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei with the Sulu-North Borneo Sultanate, Maranao Sultanate, Maguindanao Sultanate, Palawan Sultanate (sub-sultanate of Sulu), FVR established the East Asia Growth Area (EAGA). It linked Davao, Cotabato, Sulu, Palawan with the Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, etc.

Nevertheless, even if the MILF will not be openly working with the political opposition and CPP/NPA to destabilize the government in anticipation of the objective of triumphantly driving Gloria out of Malacañang, there will be intense disturbances of the peace and order supposedly in support of the impeachment case against Gloria and vs. the Malacañang charter change proposal as well as the opposition’s claim of term extension by Gloria.

Certain quarters submit the analysis that the coming actions of the enemies of the government constitute what may be called the end-game in the destabilization plot against the administration of Gloria.

It is even forecast that extremists might again try to overrun and lay siege to another big building similar to Oakwood or the Manila Peninsula incidents. Or NPA rebels might undertake violent acts notwithstanding that the enemies of the government and the people and their allied bank robbery gangs, drug syndicates, kidnap and gunrunning syndicate are already engaged in grisly actions designed to desensitize everyone of us. These evil animals will not rest.

It is foreseen that at an opportune time, the people will rise to the challenge and put these cretins to their rightful places. So that the weak of heart may be cautioned to be vigilant and not get entangled in these messy affairs merely to get harmed in the process. Those that have the power, can stop the people’s enemies silly acts from being made in the first place. But a strong caveat to those that want to create troubles like these once more: there are not only lions and other watchful guardians in the woodlands. Even the urban jungle is teeming with them. When they band together as in the shepherd lions’ gathering now, the trouble makers are sure to get what they wished for. And probably more…

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