Counterfeit Conflict

It’s all out in the open now: the government will review the documentations relevant to the peace process with MILF. It is also seeking the help of MNLF. And there is absolutely no actual war in Mindanao; in fairness to blogger Girbaudz whose fearless forecast was that conflict will erupt in Mindanao and actually did, there were skirmishes. But these skirmishes do not make a real war. Girbaudz was right up to a certain extent. Or even possibly right all the way. As the situation stands, there is no authentic but a counterfeit Conflict now in Southern Philippines. And it is not the fault of government but the making of persons who would wish for destabilization to ruin this country.


As this blogger commented to warriorlawyer, as well as to J of thenutbox blogs, suddenly there are too many intellectuals coming out of wormpits claiming to know everything about what is happening in Mindanao. Are they for real? There are some burning questions that need to be answered in the current fighting in Mindanao, and the return of so many MILF and AFP, even PNP personnel in body bags instead of on their shoes and sandals, standing, are the following:


Military in place of Political Solution?

Divergence instead of Convergence?

Or a stage-managed bogus conflict?

Foreign Intervention?

Hegemonist ambitions?

Local conspiracies?

Ancestral domains or no?

BJE or no BJE?


Absolutely right, the warmonger-pseudo intellectuals have very succulent and very long-winded answers, explanations for all of them. Allevii’s idiots in cyberspace and that Ayala Alabang Mafiosi in the SC, who holds the SC Chief Justice by the balls, have erudite arguments on the unconstitutionality of the agreements relative to the GRP-MILF peace talks.


Vice Governor Emmanuel Piñol fairly recently broadcast his wanton desire to make the MILF be categorized as a terrorist organization. Return of the land he says, to the Muslim tribes, is an idea that cannot happen in this time. A foolish notion; he says, we cannot turn back the hands of time. As if the hands of time is to blame for the Muslims loss. How much more foolish can a man like that be? This cretin from cyberspace is saying, with so many drawings, that Malaysia will devour Mindanao and perhaps eventually the entire country? What a load of shit that is.


A lot of those who grandstand on his side, say that the talk about tribal, indigenous, self-determination, self-governance, is all crap. Justice Antonio Carpio, says that all the posturing of Madam Glo in the peace process of hers, is unconstitutional. That is the perfect perfidy. Only Janus-faced quislings would want to say that and turn back and grin like the devil.


For all the effort, the blood, sweat and tears the tribal advocates have shed to make the United Nations and the entire brotherhood of nations recognize the urgency of assistance to tribal peoples, indigenous communities all around the world, what these quislings are saying are out of synch. After the land of the Maranaos, Badjaos, Maguindanaos, Tausugs, Iranuns (or Ilanun), Samas, among the several other Muslim tribes have finally been poised to be given to them, Piñol says no longer because we can’t turn back the hands of the clock. Carpio says, it’s unconstitutional. Others say, its Malaysian Invasion. For the love of God, these creatures loaded with hidden agenda do not deserve to be killed just once, but several times over.


The degree of divergence in the blogosphere about the events in Mindanao is amazing. There is a marked aggressiveness on the part of the anti-administration people, as always, to dominate the blog world. But that is to be expected. The opposition and its allies even pay people to blog. Government people are merely paid a pittance and cannot have the luxury of wasting computer time just keying words for a post. Evidently, what many would be reading are post from those that appear to oppose the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) peace negotiations.


Now the Lesbian Mafia or the New Civil Society of Lesbians writers Carie and Girbaudz call them, are all agog about organizing the renegade military. Even a bald professor of Ateneo with ties to the local anti-administration Transparency International is also allowing himself to be exploited as a runner between the rebels and possible supporters from the academe, business community and other sectors including the transsexuals’ mafia.


As we all know, the so-called MILF commanders, the NPAs, have launched attacks against the government forces and civilians were hurt in the process. Hundreds of thousands are now considered as evacuees.


During the Estrada Regime, the United Nations built scenarios on so-called humanitarian assistance during times of wide-scale conflict in the Philippines. A quite thorough seminar with multi-national delegates was held in the Mandarin Hotel to that effect. The fielding of a peacekeeping force was discussed comprehensively in that gathering in Makati.


The scenario presented in that conference is almost at hand now. It is almost as if, another Kosovo or Bosnia will rise in Mindanao. And as supposedly predicted by some would-be military analysts in the blogosphere, there might be fourth generation warfare in Mindanao. And indeed that happens, there is no way that a borderless kind of warfare such as that will be prevented from spilling over into Manila.


The problem as we see it now, is that Vice Governor Piñol, who has been professing to high heavens to be at war with MILF and Justice Carpio, who has been keeping himself a fierce enemy of MILF are still alive. So is Sen. Lacson, and so is Sen. Legarda, Sen. Pimentel, Archbishop Angel Lagdameo and all the other known purveyors of destabilization in the country. So is the idiot on cyberspace and his partner, as well as all the rest of the grandstanders waving their know-it-all attitude about these peace process affair. And on the side whimpering and raving and ranting over Gloria’s continued stay in Malacañang. And why is the one who stole the sacred sites of MILF and made all-out war in the past and up to now, rah-rah-rahing again for another repeat performance, deposed Pres. Jose Marcelo Ejercito, still alive after making so many Muslims suffer?


Why are they supposed to be alive if and when the MILF is allegedly so infuriated with those sabotaging the peace talks? Why did the MILF instead kill civilians, burn houses, kill soldiers and allowed themselves to be slaughtered at the same time? They were not meant to create war. They were merely out to create the conditions for Gloria’s ouster, or possibly assassination. An execution that even in Heaven may be truly justified.


Because the people behind the oust Gloria and the ones that created trouble in Mindanao – namely Umbra Kato, Macapaar, Pangalian, the NPAs and their leader, Jose Ma. Sison and all the rest of them raiders, ambushers, killers, genocide artists are one and the same.


Another question also comes to mind: when the current chairman of MILF was being considered an outcast, despite being a supposed blood relation of Chairman Salamat Hashim, a commander trained in the Middle East was slated to take over his position as Chairman of the Military Committee or Commission of MILF. No one hears of Commander Boy Thunder anymore. Whatever happened to him? And did Salamat actually just die a natural death?


Whether one knows the answers to all these nagging questions, there is no way that anyone can change the reality that the War in Mindanao, is merely a fake, artificial war. It was created by masters of Counterfeit. The same masters that introduced billions of worth of drugs, rapine bank robberies and massacres, kidnapping for ransom and other heinous crimes in large waves, into the country. And you know who we’re talking about.


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