Mindanao for it’s original people

Now I see what good will come out of the stupid ripostes in various fora about the Mindanao Peace Process. And it will be a lot of good, a really, really lot of good. I only recently made a comment in The Warrior Lawyer’s Blog. That simple comment gave me an inspiration to write this post.

Now I see what good will come out of the stupid ripostes in various fora about the Mindanao Peace Process. And it will be a lot of good, a really, really lot of good. I only recently made a comment in The Warrior Lawyer’s Blog. That simple comment gave me an inspiration to write this post.

A long time ago, there were no inappropriate legalese in the country when the mores and folkways and simple rules of governance prevailed upon everyone. Many will say that most of the people then were ignoramuses and relied upon God. Well, then, they could be right, in a sense. But they should be prepared to really document their evidence of that. At that time, the owners of this archipelago were from quite nearby areas and they were called Agta or of recent date, also called Aeta, or in the Anglo jargon, pygmies. They were negroids, very small and kinky haired. Then came the Indonesians and many of them later had to settle on higher ground like the Cordilleras (that happened specially much later when droves of visitors started coming in.) Some even reached North of Japan and settled there. The hairy Northern Japanese are really from Indonesian. But you could never acculturize them to that idea. A proud Japanese from the North of his country, sporting all the hairy attributes of some inhabitants of portions of Indonesia, will deny ever having any other blood except Japanese. (You would wish we were like that. So proud of their pagkahapon.)

But some of the Indonesians did not back away from outsiders coming in. These were the converted ones – the Islamics. A lovable Tausug, Noralyn Mustafa, writes about certain nuances of this conversion and how people from the Middle East kept coming and coming to the country to keep on converting and converting members of tribes in Mindanao to Islam. And then Noralyn says that not all Muslims, particularly those living in Zamboanga, want to be under the tribe of hooligans-by-repute, the Maguindanaos. So that Muslims and Christians alike will share that sentiment of not allowing Zamboanga to be simply inserted into the domain called Bangsamoro Juridical Entity or BJE or something similar to blow…j… experience if you get the drift. In a different milieu, it could actually be a b…j… experience, don’t you think?

Anyway, back to the post, before we stray too far into things mundane. The group of Noralyn, the Tausugs, came a little later than the Indonesians, if my memory about my elementary subject in history doesn’t escape me. They shipped in from Malaysia. And were instantly all over the place. Lapu Lapu is one of them, and his brothers and fellow Datus and their few subjects, enough to load in small boats all.

Now these were a really proud people. Specially after the conversion. The Mindanao based Indonesians and the Malaysians peacefully co-existed. They all formed the Sulu Sultanate, Maranao Sultanate, Maguindanao Sultanate, Palawan Sultanate and all other Sultanates by geographic category.

Meanwhile, the Indonesians in Luzon were driven to the highlands by both the natural elements and foreign invaders that because of the superior heights to which they climbed, they were forced to plant in terraces hence the Banawe Rice Terraces. They also named a lot of places and themselves with Indonesian names: Ifugao, Igorot, Ibalo’i, Itawis, etc. “I,” in Indonesian means “coming from.” Fuga, is the name of a major River in Indonesia. And so on. Of course there are stories of the delubyo and other ancient events that the old people of the Cordilleras will tell you by mouth. That’s the natural elements taking toll part of the reasons for the mountaineering of those early Indonesians. It takes about two full weeks and more to tell it up to that point, and that is bringing our discussion farther away even than blow…j… e.

Now the Malaysian Tausugs were a reputedly very warlike group. Weren’t the Indonesian Maguindanaos too? No. Hardly. They were much too inferior in warfare than the Tausugs. Even their weaponry, in local archeologic studies, prove that. Possibly why they later thrived in becoming ambushers, kidnappers, marauders, thieves and robbers. All over the tribes in Mindanao, you will hear the same story over and over again.

They were treated with disdain and disgust. But that is fate. Strength becomes you, if you fight and the only way I guess the Indonesians could do that was to do it the stealthy way.

Furthermore, what Noralyn was telling us about, the Middle Easterners that kept coming and coming to the country, to teach Islam, that could have been good. But these MidEasterners also scattered their semen all over the place, what with the compatible polygamous beliefs of Islam and the tribes in our country. They really had a ball, those Arabs, Iranians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans and our tribals! What happy matings they would have done in those days, makes me wish I was there too.

Moreover, Arabs had a high penchant for eunuchism, too. Probably the reason why, as Noralyn says, these MidEasterners wanted teaching jobs all the time. Maybe some were pretending to be just teachers, with a different agenda in mind.

In sum, we are looking at Mindanao to be the potpourri of things Indonesian- Malaysian-Bruneiian-Indian-Chinese and comes the Middle Easterners, also of things Arab or even Israelite, which comes to me as the same actually. Both being Abrahamic in origin.

There is nothing essentially just Filipino in the tribal peoples of Mindanao. Filipinoness in the Christians in the other provinces outside of Mindanao, after all, is not even recognizable. I mean what kind of specific blood will actually be labeled Filipino?

There is none. And yet the people of Visayas, Luzon and still other foreign particles zeroed in on Mindanao, the so-called Land of Promise and invaded the place. The foreigners in the distant past in our country also invaded that place.

The tribes fought and fought hard. Really hard. While it was a battle that appeared to be unwinnable for the Mindanao Muslim Tribes, a good number of them survived. The self-preserving Manobos, Higaonons, Dumagats, ran to the mountains and made their peace with the trees and rocks and springs. They will hardly ever see the sea again as frequently as they used to except much later when they became sort of integrated into “mainstream” society — which is the one created by the localized invaders.

The Homestead Program that created local migration from Visayas to Mindanao, Luzon to Mindanao is the reason why Ilocanos like the Barbers, Zambaleños like the Pimentels, are in Mindanao. It is easy to say that I am a Barbers, I am Malay. I am a Pimentel. I am a pygmy, or Indonesian. But it is hard to say, I am a real Mindanawon, specially if you’re not really, really from there.

Bono Adaza is a Higaonon or at least part of him is. So more or less he has more right than others to say he is of that place. The Lobregats are even probably Spaniards, I don’t know, but they don’t look small and Higaonon-like, neither do they look Tausug- like nor Maguindanao, Maranao-like. And the Piñols, where the hell planet do they come from? The Fabians? The Climacos? The Guingonas? The Antoninos? But they are of course the brave, morally courageous, undaunted Petitioners, Protesters, etceteras.

So now, if Bono Adaza will protest the TRO, I’d gladly side with him.

In essence, what we are saying is that to oppose the GRP MILF Peace Process, and to abort the signing of the peace pact between the government and the Maguindanao-dominant (ergo Indonesian racial stock-dominant) MILF, one has to have enough good reason to do so.

One has to have generations and generations of history of being part of Mindanao to be able to earn that right of protest.

That should really be very clear. And that is decent. Noralyn Mustafa is decently protesting annexation of Zamboanga. Bono Adaza is decently protesting Bukidnon from becoming BJE. (Fortunately, Bukidnon is not included. So DOLE, DEL MONTE, be at peace and sleep soundly.) Or Bono Adaza is protesting per se. Now that is still decent. Because Bono is really from Mindanao.

Noralyn Mustafa, I am afraid is right. Zamboanga may be better left alone. Unless the Maguindanaos and Maranaos too, and the Tausugs, can settle their ancient differences, at the moment it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. More can be settled amicably later, when the younger generations of the different tribes experience better relations with each other.

But if you have no land claim, specially tribal, ancestral, heritage, to Mindanao, the shit you are trying to do fucking the peace negotiations? That is not decent, and it is outright dirty. It was might decent enough that the peace process outlined a mere small portion of Mindanao to be subsumed under the BJE. Not the entire Mindanao island group. If it becomes a different country, so what? The Maranaos, Tausugs, Maguindanaos, were federal, autonomous states all on their own. But they dealt very civilly with one another. Fear over belligerency? That is merely in the eyes of the deadbrained beholder.

It smacks of opportunism, ignorance, discombobulated argumentation, misplaced arrogance and pathetic stupidity.

There is an inherent fear of terrorism becoming a New Bangsamoro State-sponsored activity. That could actually happen. But I will venture to take that risk rather than let the rest of the country suffer from the lingering pain in the little finger that is also hurting the entire body in the process.

When Erap invaded Maguindanaoland and overran the heritage sites long held sacred and valuable by the 26th-27th Generations of the Royal Family of the Maguindanao Sultanate, to which I believe Salamat Hashim belongs (about the 25th or 26th line) and Al Hajj Murad (26th or 27th line), Erap removed the last piece of dignity of the Maguindanaos.

It was an open gang rape. Bloody, brutal, thoughtless, irresponsible, ignorant transgression and devoid of any kind of justification whatsoever. Except of course only, that it was all-out war. Sus Ginoo!

But Erap is fond of that. He lets his victim secretaries or any other female enter the banyo, as Manoling Morato says, then he stands at the bathroom door. The poor female after giving nature its due course, coming out of the banyo, can no longer siyempre go out of the door without passing through the big frame of Erap. So she gets herself raped. Just like that. For a mere piss, you lose your honor to Erap.

Erap stood by the door, waited for the right timing and raped the Maguindanaos too. Kind of a highly passionate animal, that Erap, isn’t he?

That rape, my dear friends, plus all the other factors — namely the pag dudunung-dunongan ng mga wala naman K sa Mindanao, is the cause of all of our troubles  now. But of course they will tell you, they’re merely being patriotic. Patriotic my ass! Of course they might even say they’re just filibustering for the sake of. If that is not the real terrorism, I really don’t know what is. And well, fuck them all to hell!

But could you convict Erap, at 70, and after a recent pardon? Can we convict the pseudo intellectuals and pseudo-Patriots, pseudo-Nationalists, pseudo-Philippine Nation Lovers that are trying to sway the entire country into believing that the peace process is all a sham? No we cannot. Only history can judge them. Unless we start killing them all one by one. And then all our troubles in Mindanao ends. Thank you for the applause!!!! Thank you!!!



  1. the warrior lawyer said,

    You are correct in pointing out the deep historical roots of the conflict in Mindanao, which is much more complex than it appears from just looking at the BJE issue. The oppression and exclusion of the native peoples from their ancestral birthright, not to mention decades of unequal development and neglect, have given rise to armed movements which seek to rectify generational wrongs. And the MILF has proven than it can wage a protracted people’s war if need be. And as you noted, of bringing the struggle to the urban areas if necessary.

  2. strengthener said,

    that is a good one warrior lawyer. sadly, i do not live here anymore but i still feel much for our brother filipino tribals in the south and even in visayas, the outlying luzon islands and in region 3 and the cordilleras up to farther north in appari, cagayan, isabela…

    the turning over rites of ancestral domain awards to tribes have been going on and on for more than a decade, about fourteen years ago now or longer, since it began in the time of fvr. i cannot understand why so much hoopla surrounds the giving of ancestral domain to the muslims, even granting that they will be given autonomy. in the first place, if we weren’t colonized, the moros have always been fiercely independent anyway? the crux of the issue is not any form of extra-constitutionality nor extra-legal means to reach the end of the negotiations.

    actually it is the curious act of some people of trying to lift up and wholly justify what the colonizers have tried to do to us over four hundred years that was to say the least, criminal. the arguments are rather mellifluous and stunningly contrived. i doubt if they can actually look in the mirror and tell it to their own faces that they truly and sincerely mean what they are saying, that muslims — particularly in this case the maguindanaos — have no right nor capacity to govern themselves except to end up as terrorists and scoundrels of the first order.

    i rather find the exchange of ideas very tiresome since there is no substance in what the partisans from the other side that is, sort of, edible. the moment i churn justice puno’s statements, justice mafioso carpio’s statements, it makes me puke. and yet i happen to be unfortunate to end up in law. at least now i’d mostly prefer to consider myself to just be a lowly cafe business girl. i mean, law in this country really sucks. it is obvious, there is nothing lawyerly behind the stupid objections, is there?

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